Colonialism, Democracy & Self Determination

Democracy is NOT an end; it is a means to fulfill self determination for a group or county but, most importantly, for individuals.

Anti-colonial movements secured national self determination. However, they failed to deliver on the second half of the promise to promote individual self determination with expansive human liberty.

It turns out that democracy does not necessarily support individual self determination. Indeed, “social democracy” is by its very name & results antithetical to individual self determination & self ownership.

Becoming a “slave” to a State run by local people may not be an improvement over being enslaved by colonial masters.

“You Can Get Anything You Want At Keynes’ Restaurant”

(With apologies to Arlo Guthrie & his hit, “Alice’s Restaurant”…)

Keynesian economists offer a model whereby life is like a restaurant.

First, you decide what you want, followed by your order. After you have eaten it, you pay for your meal. As such, consumption can precede production, which is the effort or input whereby you have the resources to pay for what you wish to consume.

But real life is actually like a cafeteria. First, you decide what you want, followed by your order. Then you can eat only after you PAY for what you choose.

Such as it is, life requires production along with delayed gratification, in the form of saving, before consumption can occur. However, macroeconomic “stimulus” policies that involve credit being created out of “thin air” imply that consumption can precede production.

Following this warped logic, the modern welfare State operates relying on redistributive legerdemain that allows some to consume what is taken from others that produce.