Dubious Comments From a Professor of Constitutional Law!?!

“The (US) Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. It says only what the government cannot do to you, not what the government is obligated to do on your behalf.”
~Barack Obama~

The author of this statement reveals a profound ignorance of misinformation about the US Constitution.

It provided a set of powers available to the government of the newly-formed Republic such that whatever is not listed is not a permissible act by the federal government, i.e., it is “unconstitutional” since there is no constitutional authority for government to act beyond those specific powers.

As it is, the Constitution specifies 18 enumerated powers available to the American federal government.

Indeed, any high school civics student would know that the Bill of Rights were amendments that outlined certain liberties or rights. Even so, the Bill of Rights was written to serve as an injunction against government interfering with such certain freedoms.

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