Which is Worse: “Bad Astronomy” or Climate-Change Skepticism … ?

Part-time blogster but apparently full-time jokester, Phil Plait of Slate, reports on yet another assertion of scientific “consensus” concerning Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

In his words,

The vast majority of scientists who conduct climatological research and publish their results in professional journals say humans are the cause of global warming. There is essentially no controversy among actual climate scientists about this.

In other words,

“Nothing to see here folks; keep moving.”

Despite himself being a lapsed astronomer (No, NOT astrologer!), he derides those “deniers” that lack credentials as climate scientists. In the business of promoting AGW, deniers are ideologues that should not be confused with legitimate scientific skeptics.

But the lack of such credentials did not undermine an earlier assertion of another non-climate scientist pointing to a consensus based on work published in peer-reviewed academic journals. (See, Naomi Oreskes, also NOT a climate scientist!)

The poll in question has the interesting title, The Consensus Project, and the reported results were, amazingly, that a consensus did indeed exist. Imagine that!?!

Indeed, the consensus that global warming is here to stay & is our fault that is so strong that the promoters of the idea felt it necessary to set up the (drum roll, please): The Climate Science Rapid Response Team (CSRRT) to “connect climate scientists with lawmakers & the media”.

Despite having a slam-dunk case for their views, the AGW-people felt a need to hand-feed politicians, bureaucrats & media personalities with the “correct” view on AGW.) A search of the CSRRT web site did not reveal a source of funding to keep up their endeavors.)

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