Is Climate Consensus is About Finding New Extremism/Alarmism…?

Blaming humans for what is going on with the climate & environment provides a justification to expand government powers so that politicians & bureaucrats can gain control over more financial & other resources.

First, there was global warming, supposedly induced by man’s relentless release of CO2 into atmosphere leading to a “greenhouse” effect. But that lost favor & credibility, Over past 16 years, despite massive increase in CO2 output, warming has stalled.

Worse news was that the retreat of glaciers in Himalayas seems to have halted & that melting of polar ice sheets may be exaggerated.


Second, “climate change” became the vogue rogue. It turns out that simple logic overwhelmed this notion since even a schoolchild understands that climate is a variable, i.e., it must change.

Now, there is “extreme weather” or “climate weirding”. Alas, evidence suggests that there has been a d “drought” of severe hurricanes to make landfall in Atlantic region & that this also seems to be true from a global perspective.

Perhaps man-induced climate extremes are not the “new normal”, after all…?

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