Musings on Capitalism & Freedom

Unlike other “isms, Capitalism is not an ideology and is not imposed as part of a political project. Since Capitalism as the manifestation of individualism, it does not even constitute a social structure, per se.

As it is, Capitalism is a natural and un-designed outgrowth of human actions. While Communism, Fascism and other variants of socialism impose structures to guide or force behavior, Capitalism involves human freedom to create and share wealth.

Capitalism is a natural condition that involves capital being accumulated to be directed towards wealth creation that serves the community. And it provides the possibility for everyone to discover how best they can serve a community. Since those with abilities valued by others can find work or earn profits for what they create, this will encourage a focus of individual energy towards greater self actualization.

Most human advances have come from a very few people rather than from the masses. Just as a few scientists or inventors were the source of so many improvements in life, a relatively few creative entrepreneurs are the basis of sustained economic growth.

Unfortunately, this can lead to instability if democracies allow jealousy of success to lead to claims for greater equality under the guise of socialism or communism or the welfare state. But politically-imposed, coerced redistribution of income or wealth is inimical to human freedom and undermines the incentive for wealth creators to contribute to general welfare.

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