Pretending to Act in Name of the “Poor” is Last Refuge of Scoundrels!

According to Boswell, Samuel Johnson said that. “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Were the good doctor to be alive today, surely he would change his declamation to note that declarations that political actions/intentions are to serve the “poor” is truly the last refuge of scoundrels (or morons).

For their part, politicians & bureaucrats try to hide rent-seeking behavior that enriches cronies or provides opportunities for corrupt diversion of resources behind the mantle of doing good for the disadvantaged.

Yet even if their intentions are pure, the certainty of unintended consequences leads to a waste of resources. In the case of India, its former Prime MInister Rajiv Gandhi admitted that about 10% of funds allocated to projects to help India’s “needy” persons actually reached them. (“If Central government releases one rupee for the poor, only 10 paisa reaches them.”)

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