ProReforma!!! Viva the “Rule of Law”…

Latin Americans are finding that democracy fails to lead up to its good press. As it is, democracy has brought them a new set of caudillos in Venezuela & Bolivia set to serve as leaders for life.

Most certainly, democracy has not brought the promise of stability or prosperity, except in Chile where it was more consistently mixed with market-friendly economic reforms. By contrast, the destructive nature of Perionist populism overwhelmed attempts to make halfhearted reforms in Argentina.

In Guatemala, politicians behaving like European-style social democrats, shifted the economy into reverse by passing laws to promote collectivism that curb individual liberty & suppress markets.

Responding to excessive corruption, rising poverty & increased insecurity brought about by social democracy, scholars & citizens in Guatemala are seeking radical constitutional reforms. Their aim is to establish the Rule of Law in order to constrain the use of legislative actions that undermine individual freedom. (See ProReforma)

They recognize that this requires equality for all before the law, the absence of privileges for some at the expense of others within a “system of law” rather than a system of legislated laws. The guiding principal of the reformed document is the protection of individual liberty based on preserving rights over lawfully-acquired property.


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