Taxation & the “Class Struggle”

Besides the State or those that seek largess from it, individuals & groups that are not criminals receive income as voluntarily transfers. Either they produce & engage in voluntary exchange of goods or services or they receive voluntary gifts.

But the State & its sycophants obtain funds through a process of coercion involving threats against those that might refuse its demands in the form of compulsory taxation.

Just as repressive, imperialistic regimes relied upon “tribute” from vassals, modern States depend upon compulsory taxation or property seizures. In both instances, these involuntary transfers constitute a form of theft that exceeds the combined efforts of crime syndicates like drug cartels, Cosa Nostra or Chinese Triads or Japanese Yakuza.

Thus, the State creates a “class struggle” pitting an expropriating “Ruling Class” against a “Productive Class” of workers & entrepreneurs whose wealth is expropriated for redistributive purposes.

The Productive Class depends upon “economic means” & market transaction to create wealth while the Ruling Class relies upon “political means” to acquire income. As such, one group or class is looted to promote the interests of other groups, including public-sector workers & members of rent seeking special-interest groups.

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