The best way to privatize government-owned assets! Give them away!!!

The primary gains to society from privatization come from getting government-owned properties into private hands. To this end, the least important aspect is for the state property to be sold.

As it is, bureaucrats & politicians tend to dither or delay to find the “right” timing or to find a way to transfer such assets into the hands of supporters or sycophants.

Instead, state-owned properties should be given away in a lottery format so that they are immediately transferred into private ownership. This would also lead to the emergence to a whole new set of brokers to assist the new owners in handling future rentals or sales.

While the best lottery would involve a random selection of citizens, perhaps it would satisfy populistic concerns by choosing from a pool made up of those below the median income level.

In the end, the government would gain since they property would no longer be a drain on the public purse. Instead, it would become a revenue source in being used to generate income for individuals or businesses. And of course, the brokers would be paying taxes on large earning from the turnover of the properties.

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