Who would Robin Hood hang with? Tea Party folks or “limousine lefties” at their coffee klatch?

It is bad enough that redistributionist “progressives” rely upon dubious economic arguments to promote polices to confiscate the income or wealth of some to be given away to others. But they also willfully & shamelessly corrupt the historical record to concoct sympathetic characters to support their schemes.

In particular, supporters of income & wealth redistribution often rely upon a misrepresent Robin Hood as someone that took from the rich in order to give to the poor. A more correct interpretation of the motivations & actions of this heroic figure was an opposition to an overbearing & acquisitive government overseen by venal, corrupt rulers.

His actions against the Sheriff of Nottingham were to take from the tax man what had been unfairly wrested from hard-working citizens. As such, Robin Hood targeted the “ruling class” of political leaders & their henchmen to reduce an onerous tax burden on those in the productive class.

In this sense, Robin Hood was a key figure in an early tax revolt. In contemporary terms, he would be more likely to keep company with members of the Tea Bag movement in the US rather than consorting with those seeking higher taxes to maintain or expand a welfare state.

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