Junk logic meets junk science in Paul Krugman’s NYT Blog

In stating that he is working on a climate-related project, Paul Krugman gives a hint that he will be offering up some “global-climate-change alarm” in his title, “Very Scary Things”.

Given the embarrassments surrounding claims by some climate scientists, Krugman seems to have sought gravitas by linking a paper by Marty Weitzman on extreme uncertainty.

In that paper, Weitzman cites the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) when temperatures rose about 6C over 20,000 years & was accompanied by mass extinctions.

I wonder if Krugman even read Weitzman (a scholarly Harvard prof) who points out that he relied upon the Wikipedia entry for PETM.

And I have to wonder if either of them read the Wikipedia entry…?

As it turns out, the mass extinctions that supposedly would have occurred 55.8 million years ago. But the species lost were in deep seas while mammals successfully radiated at the same time!

relying on their own chosen references, a warming climate puts stress on some species but not on others. Okay, well, then what is the point.

One thing made clear is that junk logic & junk science are intertwined.

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