Believe it or Not, Violence & Gun Crimes Have FALLEN in the USA

Having grown up with guns used for sport & perhaps buying into the mythology of the rugged individualism that shaped America, I am opposed to the attempts to weaken 2nd Amendments rights.

It seems that sensationalized media coverage of horrifying yet infrequent mass murders with guns has blurred certain realities.

Despite media bias in favor of gun controls, official US government data indicate that crimes committed with guns (including killings, assaults, robberies, etc.) have dropped sharply in the US after peaking in the mid-1990s.

A report from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that non-fatal gun crimes fell by 69% & the gun murder rate decreased 39% between 1993 & 2011. (While overall violence has dropped in the US, it does have a higher murder rate than most developed countries.)

Even so, a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center indicates that most Americans are unaware of the decline & more than 1/2 believe that gun crimes are have risen. The Pew survey indicates that only 12% of Americans surveyed thought that gun crime had declined over the past 2 decades while 26% thought it remained the same & 56% thought it had increased.

Just as a few hot summers helped shape (false?) expectations of rising average global temperatures (aka, global warming or climate change), it appears wall-to-wall media coverage of the horrors of a few mass murders support misleading impressions about violence in the USA.

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