Can there be justice without freedom?

While reading a recent article by Amartya Sen concerning the contributions of Adam Smith, he mentioned “justice” numerous times without addressing “freedom” or “liberty”.

While Sen is often identified as a “liberal,” the Nobel Laureate in economics is far from being a libertarian. Indeed, his criticisms of theories of justice include the insight that he does not consider them to be sufficiently egalitarian.

Considering Sen’s past musings, he seldom concerns himself with how freedom fits in a “just” society. Instead, he opines on operational aspects of democracy that might somehow deliver justice.

Seeking a just order under the rubric “social justice” without including commitments to individuals & human freedom is likely to lead to tyranny in some form.

Justice should be a guarantor of freedom & not a delivery mechanism for flavor-of-the-week notions about what constitutes a “good” welfare state.

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