Europeans Balk at Price Stability, Fiscal Sobriety & Loyalty to Formal Agreements

Judging from this comments, mainstream economics can be faulted for inviting a lack of probity & sanity:

Germany is caricatured for clinging to antique preoccupations: price stability, fiscal sobriety, loyalty to formal agreements. The fear is that Berlin’s martinets will take Europe to the brink before they’ll dare bend their precious rules.

And so Europeans are bemused by “antique preoccupations” for caring about preserving material value or being restrained about imposing burdens on future generations & hewing to agreements…?

Why is this? Well, they are being told by “credible authorities” (that, alas, constitutes perhaps 95% of economists) to run larger deficits, accept larger public-sector debt burdens. In short, do ANYTHING but fix the fundamental imbalances created on the back of decades of lousy economic policy advice from the same economists.

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