Great moments in Macroeconomics!

Brad DeLong scribbles incessantly about all things political, i.e., macroeconomic since they are the same thing. Both involve willful ignorance of economic processes.

Perhaps the most revealing comment ever made to reveal the vacuousness of macroeconomic pundits is found on his blog:

At this point, anything that boosts the government’s deficit over the next two years passes the benefit-cost test–anything at all. And EPI’s ways of spending money are much better than anything the Senate is likely to come up with by itself.”

Hey Brad! Keynes is still dead, but the rest of us are living in his long-run that is being ruined by his minions that mull over his misguided musings!

It is immoral to support stealing the future of the young, including those that are currently disenfranchised.

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