Life, Human Liberty & Personal Dignity…

If predation is not a virtue, than neither is altruism a virtue. Indeed, they are different sides of the same coin. While the former sacrifices others, the latter sacrifices the self. Both negate the value of human life & undermine the achievement of individual dignity.

Egoism, properly understood, celebrates life of all people & allows individuals to discover valuable ways to serve the interests of others through voluntary arrangements while serving their own interests… .

Political idealism as collectivist schemes to create “new” social orders led to th worst crises of 20th Century as twin beasts of communism & fascism led to violence, oppression & genocides. In turn, the pursuit of “social” justice involves similar collectivist means & ends.

Yet institutions grounded in individualism allow voluntary interactions that lead to discovery of justice, peace & prosperity… .

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Content of "Natural Order" attempts to reflect the commitment of Universidad Francisco Marroquin to support the development of a society of free & responsible individuals. The principal commentator for this blog is Christopher Lingle.

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