Out-of-control government spending supports privileged workers

While public-sector jobs once offered greater job security but lower pay, this is no longer the case. A report from the Cato Institute indicates that in 2008 the average federal civilian salary with benefits was $119,982, compared with $59,909 for the average private sector worker. This disparity has grown greatly over the past decade so that workers in the public sector have both more job security & higher compensation that those in the private sector.

And it turns out that much of the various “stimulus” spending packages went to make public-sector jobs even more secure & more costly to taxpayers. It is no coincidence that the Obama administration & its allies count on support of various trade unions that represent workers in the government sector.

Of particular concern is that the pensions for this privileged class of workers is more generous than those that actually make net additions to the pool of tax revenues.

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