Paradise in China: YiWu, Supermarket to the World

Hangzhou, China with its idyllic West Lake is reputed to be “paradise on earth”. Its natural beauties have attracted artists, philosophers and bon vivants for many centuries.

By contrast, neighboring YiWu is visited by many more people, despite a lack of any historical monuments of note or significant natural beauty

Even so, YiWu is a paradise for people eager to engage in peaceful trading that occurs within an amazing & extensive network of structures that are a marvel. At least 500,000 different items are sold to purchasers from all corners of the globe.

The offerings are so great & the facilities so sprawling that it is said that if one spends only 3 minutes in each stall, it would take 3 years to visit them all.

In improving the lives of so many other people by engaging in trade, it is likely that YiWu boasts more millionaires per square meter than any place in the world.

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